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Laser Cutting & Etching

Our equipment allows us to cut paper, board, wood, fabric, glass, acrylic and a number of other substrates. We create masters for jewelry, cut out perspex signs.

Paper products can be cut and engrave with precision giving that special touch to your wedding invitations or business cards.


Lasers just love wood and those that are suitable for engraving allow you to create unique plaques. In fact, you are limited by your imagination.


Leather and fabric can be cut and engrave with great speed and accuracy. Think about unique handbags and even custom made carpets.


When it comes to plastics, there are so many to choose from. From thin vinyl to very thick plastic, all suitable for cutting & engraving. Excellent to use for name plaques and trophies.


Anodize metal (like pens) can be engraved, removing the top layer of the surface. Great for corporate gifts.


Our most common use is the cutting of perspex signage for our customers.


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wood & tile etching


Material laser cut

laser cutting